Incroporating Best Practices & Setting Benchmark


Quick and efficient solutions imporve in productivity and cost savings thus increasing the ROI and reducing Time-to-Market

We offer a portfolio of services & solutions that integrate Plant Engineering and Information Technology capabilities built through years of research & development efforts to offer substantial sustainable business benefits to the clients.

The solutions enable in addressing the challenges faced by the process Industry and their key stakeholders in building business value. Our solutions cover the entire span of automation spectrum right from shop floor controls to board room.

Plant Automation

These Solutions address specific Engineering needs of automating the process.

• Plant Asset Data Management Solution
• Plant 3D Model Migration

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The analytical solutions enable in providing domain specific insights for better and informed decisions.

• Plant Analytics and Visualization
• Pricing Optimization

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Our specific mobile solutions drive flexiability and value added business benefits.

• Workforce Time Management
• Asset Audit Management

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Process Simulation

Offering flexible applications for process simulation in areas like plant design, process design and scientific research.

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