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Rapid Infiltration of Enterprise Technology across the business landscape needs adaptable solutions and flexible services

Our cognitive approach to challenges and services delivery has helped solve business critical issues for our clients.
We have been successful in providing Customer and Quality centric Technology solutions and services across business verticals with strategic insights and helping them leverage their market footprint.

“For Every existing Physical Asset…. there should exist a digital counterpart”

In exceedingly data driven Process Industries, incomplete, inconsistent or invalid asset data could have serious business implications. Maintaining data quality at each stage of the process, calls for a systematic approach to Data Quality Management.

Asset Information Management revolves substantially around data and associated documents. Data is typically generated by design, inspection and survey tools and held in databases. It is often then represented in various formats designed to be user friendly (e.g. documents, reports, charts, etc.).

Plant Asset Data Management:

Our proprietary solution establishes, implements, monitors and controls the collection, storage, processing and submission of engineering asset data to end customer/Applications. Our Solutions covers Data requirements of all activities including (though not limited to) Engineering, Procurements and Construction, PDMS, CCMS, CMMS(SAP), SPI, CIMS and ESPIR etc
It allows information of any type and from any source to be stored and viewed in a secure environment. Related information gets automatically linked together to add context, compared, navigated, marked up, visualised and reported upon to provide a single environment to view and understand information from multiple systems.

Key Features:

Complete Data Management

Maintains consistency internally so that mappings between established systems (e.g. system to the EIS to the SAP PM etc) are defined in a common language

Streamline Data Loading

Features to automatically import thousands
of data objects in a single upload, facility to
upload only the new or changed
information (delta)

Automated Validation

Validates the data quality against defined levels and does Consistency checking to ensure rejection, notification and reporting of non-compliant data

Detailed procedures

Procedure and formats for delivering
information, receiving error reports
and correcting errors, information
handover process etc.

Extraction and Tag Standards

Maintains Tag naming standards for the various types of equipment, Identifies and extracts the major data sources for required information

Comprehensive Reporting

Full reporting of compliant and non-compliant information enabling configurable reports and the creation of key performance indicators

Why Our Solution?

By ensuring the quality and compliance of the information asset, our solution will:

• Reduce the costs of verifying information
• Reduce the risks inherent in untrustworthy information
• Enable reliable monitoring of project status, asset performance and regulatory compliance
• Enable confident decision making
• Accelerate project handover, commissioning and start-up
• Enable the most efficient business processes
• Support effective incident response

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