Incroporating Best Practices & Setting Benchmark

Oil and gas

The global recession has created new challenges and opportunities for both upstream and downstream players. The industry is looking for concrete ways to ride out the storm and emerge stronger.

Oil & Gas companies need to exploit new technology to innovate, minimize costs, and help contribute to achieving a lower-emissions environment. For example, as oil prices plunge, demand for digital oil-field applications will grow. Opportunities to link multiple platforms operated remotely from a single onshore center or to deploy remote monitoring for onshore and offshore operations can obviate the need for physical on-site inspections.

We, at Ceone, enable in addressing emerging business challenges by aligning people with processes and driving operational excellence with technology solutions. We offer visibility across the enterprise and supply chain so that the clients can access accurate data, collaborate, and take timely and informed decisions.

Who Can benefit from our Services

The petroleum industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing of petroleum products. We provide our solutions and services across the complete oil and gas value chain including:

• Upstream
• Midstream
• Downstream
• Drilling and Oilfield Services
• Integrated Oil Companies

We can help in providing

We help clients build competitive strategies for the access, development, and deployment of new technologies. We work with clients to help them realize the full potential of digital technology in new and mature operating environments, improve efficiency and optimize support for enterprise management of scarce resources. We can help in:

• Technology strategy and portfolio management
• Business needs and technology development or selection
• Program design and implementation

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