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Electrical and Instrumentation
Electrical and Instrumentation

Enterprise Automation Integration Solutions with the Perfect Blend of Domain Expertise & Information Technology for increasing the Productivity & Profitability We offer Field device to corporate level Integration & Automation with our solutions & services

The EPCs and Plant Operators have challenge of managing huge engineering and operations data present in different forms and formats across the process plants.

CEONE with its deep domain and Information technology expertise help in automating and integrating the field data to various enterprise applications.

We offer various services in the area of Electrical and Instrumentation for various process industries. We offer our services to plant owners and also to EPC companies.

Key Services:

Electrical & Instrumentation Services

Our Instrumentation services include the following:

• Control & Automation
• Instrument Index – SPI
• IO List/Functional Logic Diagram
• Alarm Trip Set point
• Instrument Calibration
• Cable Schedule
• DCS / PLC / SCADA system engineering

Our Electrical services include the following:

• Electrical System Study
• Electrical Design & Load Calculation
• Equipment Sizing Calculation
• Single Line Diagram
• Bill Of Quantity
• Procurement Assistance
• GA Panel drawings

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