Incroporating Best Practices & Setting Benchmark


Utility companies continue to focus more on customer engagements, ever-changing regulations and integration of renewable energy. There is also an effort to optimize the energy mix, deployment of smart technology, intelligent investment for operational efficiency. A need to align to greater competition and regulatory directives becomes imperative as cost of materials and labor go up. Utilities are, thus, taking a fresh look at technology as a tool to gain competitive advantage.

We, at Ceone, help you integrate data from smart meters, sensors, process instruments, and geotechnical systems. Our analytics platform offers insight to monetize data and manage events / assets from remote locations. Sophisticated digital tools predict maintenance requirements and interpret patterns to pinpoint pipeline leakage / theft / vulnerabilities. We also build mobile applications to boost workforce productivity.

Who Can benefit from our Services

We provide our solutions and services and technological utility solutions across these sectors:

• Water Utility Services
• Electric Utility Services
• Waste and Recycling Services
• Optimizing SAP for Utilities
• Integration of geospatial systems
• Internet of Things (IoT) devices
• Reliability and security

We can help in providing

As one of the utility industry's leading IT consulting and service providers, we have expertise across the entire value chain. With our solutions experience and focus on new technologies such as the cloud, big data analytics and mobility, we can transform your business. Rely on us for help across multiple business areas, including

• Regulatory compliance alignment
• Operational performance
• Energy management
• Mobility
• Enterprise Asset management

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