Incroporating Best Practices & Setting Benchmark

Engineering Services

Best practices and setting benchmark.

We also provide engineering services for the customers in the process industries. We help them in Re-Engineering of the Existing plant, providing support for generating documentation like As Built Drawings, Reverse Engineering using the existing code base, generating different technical manuals and user guides.

A product is accessible when all people regardless of ability can navigate it, understand it, and use it to achieve goals.

“Maximizing operational Effectiveness by leveraging real time production and quality data”

Absence of an analytical view of the real time data on the plant performance, is one of the major roadblocks that any organization would like to tackle.
This is a very robust and powerful solution that provides an in-depth view to operations across the process industries. The ease of integration with existing applications, collection and analysis of data enables easy production execution and performance optimization.

Comprehensive KPIs allow our solution to track and monitor performance, easily enable correlation of events with proper root cause analysis. Customizable reports make it easy for the user to make informed decisions.

Key Features:

Predictive Insights

Robust capability to analyze and visualize the captured data to develop predictive insights regarding the plant, production and operational parameters.

Easy Integration to plant data from different sources

Built in integration facilities with proprietary
drivers enabling seamless collection
of plant data with multiple data
format support

Customizable Reporting

Standard and customizable reports based on multiple parameters providing an in-depth insight. Easy collaboration of the customized reports

Workflow Optimization <

Efficient workflow management to improve the efficiency of analysis and reporting processes, leading to reduced costs and faster time to market

Comprehensive KPIs

Track and monitor with the industry accepted critical and comprehensive KPIs. Allows correlation of events and production parameters to identify root causes

Friendly UI and Scalable

Friendly and customizable user interface with advanced features designed for future growth and scalability with an ability to easily load and utilize standard analytic programs

Why our Solution?

Engineer rich customized features

• Utilize the deep domain expertise in creation of relevant derived attributes
• Develop enhanced variable selection using statistical modelling techniques

Integrate the Solution

• Easy Integration with the Data modelling and reports/ visualization framework
• Customize to enable easy interpretation and decision

Parameterize and enhance scalability

• Facilitate user defined parameters for a more purposeful Analytical System
• Ensure proper data quality monitoring
• Support large data volume transition and gathering

Improve Regulatory control and consistency

• Automate and enforce organizational policies, and reach absolute compliance with customer commitment.
• Validation of data quality against defined levels

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