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Process Simulation
Process Simulation

Our Realistic Process Simulation solutions promises a comprehensive , at the same time detailed process analysis with relatively little effort for the applying engineers

Along with our strategic partner INOSIM (Germany), we provide the newest generation of process simulators that provide a model library for the description of mass and energy balances of the applied process steps.
Our process simulation tools are applied throughout batch processing and other industries, where they support plant design and optimization, process design and scale-up, maintenance management, energy and resources management and last but not least supply chain and logistics management.

INOSIM Process Edition

This simulation tool is applied throughout process development, enabling holistic design, comprehensive optimization and accelerated time to market of products. For each operation, INOSIM Process Edition provides a mathematical model for the computation of material and energy balances

INOSIM Plant Edition

This process simulation has been designed for the logistical and material flow analysis of single and multiproduct plants. INOSIM Plant Edition needs no programming for general model building. The simulation includes continuous and batch processes as well as any of their combinations

INOSIM Expert Edition

To experts in process engineering, INOSIM Expert Edition offers a broad range of modeling options in production, research, and development. You can use default receipes and events, or use a Visual Basic programming environment to adapt the behavior of the simulation to your particular purposes.

Our range of products and solutions covers the following items

• Development and advancement of innovative simulation tools for process engineering and bioengineering.
• As an SME, we are a scientific and industrial partner in research and development.
• Innovative solutions for typical procedures and crucial tasks in process engineering, such as Plant Design and Optimization, Process Design and Scale-Up, Maintenance Management, and Energy and Resources Efficiency.
• Our sister company, INOSIM Consulting GmbH, provides tailor-made services all around process engineering, including our Software Training.

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