Incroporating Best Practices & Setting Benchmark


Best practices and setting benchmark.

We also provide engineering services for the customers in the process industries. We help them in Re-Engineering of the Existing plant, providing support for generating documentation like As Built Drawings, Reverse Engineering using the existing code base, generating different technical manuals and user guides.

A product is accessible when all people regardless of ability can navigate it, understand it, and use it to achieve goals.

“Keeping Workforce connected to Drive Revenue Growth made easy with our Mobile Work Order Management Solution”

Organisations are in need of scalable interactions with their remote field workforce, need to avoid multiple service request forms, assignment related templates etc.
The time-tracking field crews and real-time updates are essential for field service organization working in client locations (Oil & Gas, Utlities industries). Asset monitoring and peer collaboration become more important when early identification and resolution of issues in remote location can result in huge dollar savings.

Our mobile work order management solution is a smart way to which eliminates all the woes of handling remote people, assets and processes.

Key Features:

Dispatch & Scheduling

Our solution enables to wirelessly dispatch complete job assignment / work orders to relevant users from centralized enterprise Application.

Workforce Time Management

Based on the role, the user can automatically generate, review, and submit multiple time sheets. This allows up-to-date timesheet without much paperwork

Web Based Reporting

Web-based interface enables monitoring of mobile users remotely. This tool allows real-time messaging, work-alone monitoring, and work status data.

Manage services

Our solution enables tracking of services & materials used for completion enabling better expense allocation, streamlined inventory operations etc.

Improves Sustainability

Work orders can be automatically scheduled, distributed to field employees and closed without a single paper document

Robust Integration with ERP

Our Solution and with its capability of integration allows the full breadth of the ERP to extend on the mobile with seamless data flow and fast synchronization

Why our Solution?

• Provides a centralized management of field activity, reducing infrastructure costs and administrative efforts.
• Better utilization of existing resources.
• Synchronized & Integrated field data with back office to reduce service-to-invoice cycles.
• Better and easy crew management and communication including on the field.
• Improve control and consistency by automating and enforcing organizational policies, and reach absolute compliance with customer commitment.
• Support a single centralized scheduling and mobility solution while addressing varied and changing business needs
• Get full visibility of job disposition, logistics requirements and equipment.
• Reduce time and effort to manage the schedule while increasing accuracy for billing.

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